We will increase google page speed for shopify websites


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Why speed optimization is necessary?

Let me ask you a question before we proceed further :

“Would you wait for a web page which takes eternity to load?”

Absolutely NOT, right?

Same is applicable to your Shopify customers, why would they wait for a less responsive and slow website?

What does a Fast Shopify Website Offer –

  • Offer a faster user experience.
  • Less page load time.
  • Decreases in bounce rate (Abandoned checkouts).
  • Increase in sales volume.

How will I make Shopify website faster?

  •   Minifying HTML, CSS and JS.
  •   Removing unused code.
  •   Reduce dependency on server-side code.
  •   Optimization of Images.
  •   Implementing Lazy Loading for images and videos.
  •   Compression and refactoring of the web page code.

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