Reiwa Skin [100% Japanese Authentic] Hybrid rice extract 150ML



Reiwa Skin

“Beautiful Harmony with nature”

It is a Japanese word that translates into New Era started May 1st of 2019, 

A new Emperor has crowned, Emperor Naruhito.

Reiwa interprets as “Beautiful Harmony” and it can relate to one’s skin.

Thus, the name REIWA SKIN (Beautiful Harmony with Nature) was born.

As we mature, our skin age with us. At some point, we wish to bring back our beautiful,  youthful, smooth, glowy, and even skin tone.

In this modern time, we age faster due to different factors; Fast aging can be a result of  stress, different chemicals and toxins we encounter in our day-to-day life.

Such as chemicals like make up & “skin care” products that are toxic for our skin,  preservatives from the food we eat, the pollution whenever we go out, and more different  factors that contribute to our skin getting damaged and age.

Therefore, we have created and formulated a product that is filled with all-plant based  ingredients with vitamins, seed oils, and natural nutrients derived from nature with great  purpose.. is to protect our skin from external and internal toxins.

While nourishing our skin, our products also suits to the budget of our consumers through  our unique “ALL-IN-ONE” product theme.


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